Does this sound like you?

✓ I want to reach more people with my message and gifts, but I don't know where to start!  

✓ I want to work for myself and have limitless avenues of income!  

✓ I want to know how to launch my business online!  

✓ I want to grow my online brand or business and drive traffic to my website!  

✓ I want to launch my online business or personal brand, but I have no idea where to start!  

✓ I have a business, but I don't know how to get it online. I think I'm doing it wrong!  

 ✓ I've purchased online courses before, but I never complete them. I learn better being able to speak with a Coach or teacher!

✓ I want to better understand social media, graphic design, content creation, driving traffic to my website, how to partner with brands as an influencer and so much more. I have big dreams, but so much to learn!  

If you said yes to one or more of these statements THE BIZ LAUNCH ONLINE IS FOR YOU! 

Sign me up! I AM IN!

 Do you ever look at the online presence of other businesses and wonder how in the heck they do it all?

From social media, to graphic design, to websites, to blogging, to professional looking photos, to newsletters... how did they learn all that?!!

I can tell you from experience, the learning curve is steep and typically takes years. It took me a decade to master every area of my online business!  

In this uncertain time, many people want to learn to get online, strengthen their brands and improve their online visibility.

That's why I'm teaching IT ALL in the Biz Launch Online!


The Biz Launch Online is a 4 week intensive course, that will take you from feeling like you have no idea how to launch your business to mastering every important online entrepreneurship skill in just a few days. From branding, to finding your niche and getting clear on your clients, to marketing strategies, to website design, to social media master, to PR and Media exposure and more.



The Biz Launch Online is a 4 week intensive course that gets you online, sharing your gifts in a huge way (and the right way!)  

After a decade of blogging and running online businesses I have perfected the build out, the content development, the brand partnerships including national media exposure, DIY graphic design, high quality photos and so much more. All of this resulting I am making 100% of my living from my blog and online brand! 

But you need to know this: there is a RIGHT WAY to build out your online brand (and oh-so-many wrong ways. Trust me, I’ve done them all!)  

In The Biz Launch I will Coach you to launch while teaching you all the skills you need how to build a beautiful and profitable online brand, while also ensuring you to avoid all the mistakes I've made in my many years online.

I promise you that there has never been a better time in history to build and become an online brand. (I mean ever! One silver lining in this crazy year!)

Each lesson has been carefully crafted to help you launch your blog in the most impactful, inspirational and successful way. You get carefully curated and easy to follow lessons online. Then we meet weekly for live trainings and Coaching Q&A's to teach you in real time!
Real time means: real time questions answered, real time roadblocks or issues resolved and most importantly skills mastered on the spot.

And it doesn't end there! All of the hundreds of women I have worked with as a Coach will attest to this: I am a professional cheerleader, accountability partner and I deeply care about your success.  

Because of this, aside from your live lessons - there will also be a easy-to-follow workbook and an online membership area with video tutorials on all skills. Can't remember what you learned in class? Log-in for a refresher!
When you join The Biz Launch, you get lifetime access to the course.

BRANDING (and why it's so imporant!)

  • Niche clarity
  • Elevator pitch
  • Branding board 
  • Cohesive Branding 
  • DIY Logo Design

DIY GRAPHIC DESIGN (No need to pay someone else!)

  • Instagram story icons 
  • Infographics or flyers  
  • Facebook or LinkedIn Page Header
  • Create your own Free Gift 
  • and so much more! 

THE IMPORTANCE OF EMAIL MARKETING (and how to get started)  

  • Newsletter Content 
  • Newsletter buildout
  • How to build your email list (We will make this in real time!) 
  • Intro to a Marketing Funnel


  • Overview of all platforms and which is best for you
  • Design 101 (no graphic designers needed!)
  • Designing on Brand Templates & Graphics 
  • Multi-linking from instagram
  • Youtube 101
  • Podcasting 101
  • IGTV 101
  • How to get captions on videos 


  • Everything you need to know about content planning
  • How to create content by yourself (without hiring help)
  • Make your own content calendar 
  • How to plan content in advance for your next 6 months
  • What content is best for your brand
  • Batching Content Techniques


  • What editing software and how to use it
  • Lights and equipment 
  • Copy that converts and keeps eyes on your biz / brand
  • How to write the perfect captions to promote your blog posts and brand


  • Blogs that attract traffic and convert
  • How to DIY your website VS how and who to hire
  • DIY website lesson 
  • Brand Clarity, Website Examples and Mock Ups
  • Blogs that are on brand
  • Do's and Don't's of blog building 
  • SEO 101
  • Layout, page and permanent content clarity and templates



  • Important habits that make you successful
  • How to make money while building your biz
  • How to charge for your services 
  • The ways you can make money from social media and blogging and how to do it


  • Media Opportunity Outreach
  • How to partner with brands as an influencer
  • How to make a PR and Media card 
  • Abundance & Mindset training exercises
  • Affiliate Programs - How to sell as a partner and make money  


You are seriously learning in 4 weeks, what it took me 10 years to master! I'm so excited for you to be BLOWN AWAY from this course and the quality of your new online presence. 



I've coached and worked with hundreds of women in the Blogging and Inflencer industry, here is what a few have had to say:

"Angela is a Godsend. I'm grateful for our work together and I'm so excited to re-launch my blog and website after working with her!"

- Julie Miguel, Former Master Chef Contestant, Blogger and Founder of Daily Tiramisu .

Angela has been my cheerleader, helping me see the possibilities that were right I front of me and opening my eyes to what else is out there. Working with her makes me feel so inspired and energized after. I love how supportive she is and I truly value and appreciate her insight.  

Rachael Hunt – Business & Mindset Coach & Founder of Gluten Freedom Inc.

"I truly can't say enough about Angela and her coaching! She's helped me gain confidence, get moving on new projects and I've even been able to quit my full-time job! I'm truly grateful to have Angela as my coach and can't wait for what else is so come."

- Becka Crowe, Spiritual & Energy Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Founder of Going Grainless.

Angela's knowledge and experience to get my blog off the ground was the building blocks I needed to give myself direction and strategy. Our weekly calls were so full of information and encouraging I always looked forward to them and walked away feeling like I could achieve just about anything. In addition to her business expertise she and I were able to connect on a personal level and trust and respect this girl in all aspects.

- Meredith Wolf, Designer, Blogger and Founder of My Wolf Design.


Let me ask you this...

Did you ever grow up wishing you would one-day find a box of your Grandmother’s old diaries? You know like in movies when there was a secret window seat that suddenly opened or a dusty box in the attic filled with handwritten journals? And when the main character finds it, she gets to read about all the hopes, dreams, romance and life lessons that her Grandmother went through? I literally fantasized about this as a teenager all the time! 

Recently I remembered about this childhood fantasy, and then I realized something... MY BLOG, WEBSITE AND ONLINE PRESENCE ARE MY LEGACY!  

It’s got everything I’d ever want my future generations to know. My passions, my recipes, my most vulnerable stories, the clothing I love to wear, recaps of my travels and parties I’ve thrown, and so much more. Doesn’t that make you want to start a legacy of your own?! YOU SHOULD.  

As someone who has been blogging for over 10 years - I promise you that there has never been a better time in history to become an online brand!

Aside from leaving a legacy to look back on for generations to come - Here's just a few reasons why:  

1. As of 2018 the blogging industry was (finally!) widely accepted as a source of influential mainstream media. This means old school ways of advertising are on the way out - and creatives, advertisers and marketing agencies now think outside of the traditional box. Influencer marketing is a 2 billion dollar industry and it's not stopping anytime soon.  

2. When you are online, you have a niche audience who's ready to buy. Do you have a product line, dream of creating and e-book or e-course or have a service you offer such as Coaching? Online courses this year alone are a $100 billion dollar industry and growing. I'm going to show you all the ways you can make money in this course.  

3. People are paying attention now more than ever! I get ALL my inspiration, recipes, DIY and new learnings from reading blogs by others. There is no blog or social post I won't check out. If you are sharing info that I want to know about, I'm clicking on it! We are in the information sharing age and the online space is our main media source.  

4. It's seriously so much fun! Life is meant to be fun - it's all about sharing what lights you up and brings you joy. It's so simple yet we make it so complicated. When you share your life, your passion and your business - your people will find you.  

Are you in yet? 


Hi I'm Angela! What started more than 10 years ago as a place to share meal plans, healthy recipes and stories about my life, quickly turned into a community of thousands of women.  

Overtime, my online business evolved from a health and wellness blog - to becoming my little home on the internet where I could connect with and educate others. Through this I began to Coach those who also wanted to create an online personal brand or online business. My decade of trial and error, and learning the ins and outs of the online world were ultimately moulding me into the Business Coach I am today.  

Helping others learn the skills to have a strong online presence is one of my life's greatest joys. That's why I'm so excited about the opportunity to be able to do this LIVE and in person with you!! From social media, blogging, websites, graphic design, branding, PR and media coverage, to working as an influencer - we will be covering it all. And the best part? We get to hang out online and get to know each other so welll over 4 weeks. I can't wait to be your Coach.  

I really hope to Coach you!
I can't wait to hang out with you and teach you how to rock your online presence.  

Lots of love, Angela 


Professional Bio  

Angela is a Business & Lifestyle Coach, Wellness Expert and a Certified Meditation Teacher. She has worked as a Coach in many capacities for more than a decade and as a consultant in the fields of Online Business, Wellness and Marketing for over 15 years. Her years of experience in online business have left her rich in knowledge and her deepest passion is working with women across the world as a Coach, while helping others to create a business and life of their dreams.  

She is best known for her vulnerable and deeply truthful story telling on her social media, blog, weekly IGTV show and most recently, her podcast. In late 2019 Angela Launched the Just Like You Podcast with her husband. The show explores the stories of those who are doing amazing things in business and life, but from the beginning. From the humble starting points, the failures and the challenges, to the ultimate success stories. The show debuted at #5 on iTunes and is a top podcast in both the business and self-development categories.  

Angela often speaks on stages about anything from business, to spirituality, to her fertility journey and more. She has also appeared in many media outlets as a Life Coach and Wellness expert such as Indie88, The Todd Shapiro Show, Better Living Television, Inside Fitness Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers, and Shopper’s Drug Marts ‘Today’s Pharmacist’ spotlights airing on CTV, Slice and The Food Network. You can learn more about Angela and the ways you can work with her, by visiting her website at

"What can I expect from The Biz Launch?"  

  • You can above all expect a loving, patient and kind space to learn all the skills you dream of knowing in the online space.
  • You can expect to launch the online presence you've always dreamed about. Yes, anyone can put up a DIY website (and yes you will need to do this - or hire someone!) -- and hope for the best! But there is SO much more that goes into blogging, content creation, design, social media, the business side of things, earning an income from your website, the list goes on and on! The high level entrepreneurs I work with all do things in the same way - and this course teaches you that system.  
  • You can expect to empower yourself to launch online, THE RIGHT WAY.  
  • You can expect to learn so much about technology, design, marketing and business that you did not know before.
  • You can expect a high vibe crew supporting each other.
  • You can expect to share your life and passions with the world and make an impact, because the world needs your voice! 

"When does the course start?"  
If you upgrade to the 1:1 Coaching it can start as soon as this week.
The modules and group coaching / mastermind begin on July 27 and runs for 4 weeks.

"What does the course include?"  
The course includes:

- member portal with all lessons, workbooks and exercises
- 4 x weekly Coaching Calls with live lessons with Angela
- Weekly Q&A's and live coaching to make sure you master your new skills
- Recordings of the calls if you can't attend

JULY UPGRADE: You can choose to do a 1:1 Deep Dive Coaching session with Angela. This is highly recommended if you know you are meant for more but feel unclear on the direction or exactly how your business and brand should work to be a profitable business.

So much more!

"What does the 1:1 Coaching upgrade include?"  

This upgrade includes a 75 minute Deep Dive Clarity Coaching session with Angela McNally.
In this session using her signature coaching system you will deep dive on your goals, business ideas and dreams together. You will leave this session clear on exactly what you are planning to launch in this Coaching program and how to do it!
You will also get a custom action plan with tailored homework just for you.

One-to-One Coaching is something Angela no longer offers at the beginning stages of a business - so this is an incredible upgrade!! These sessions are usually $2500 +, do not miss this incredible value.

"Who is this course for?"  

Anyone who wants to launch a new or existing business, blog or personal brand online!! 

"'I'm worried I won't know what to share on social media or my blog! Like, I'll run out of content ideas"  

You won't! I promise. I will teach you my content development system that has NEVER failed me. I'll also really help you hone in on niche and high traffic topics so you feel empowered and motivated to keep on creating forever!  


"Can you guarantee results?"  

This is like asking if I can guarantee you'll do the work. I'm here to guide you, lead you, and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone because I believe everyone should be online and that sharing our passions, and that creativity is medicine for the soul. You also have a MAJOR leg up because you get me live teaching you exactly how to do everything and answering your questions or helping you through challenges in real time. 

I can promise that previous clients who came open minded, who gave their full attention, who completed all of the in session work, who completed their homework, who took massive action on what they've learned, and surrendered the rest to the Universe - those clients are in the flow attracting massive abundance and traffic - all from their blogs and websites.

What I will guarantee, is that you will get out this, what you put into it.  


"What if I don't like the course? Do you offer any refunds?"  

Due to the nature of the course, there are no refunds.  


"How much direct support can I expect to receive from Angela?"  

You will get direct access to her live online each and every week for 4 weeks. So the whole time!

You can also upgrade to do a 1:1 Deep Dive Coaching Session with her if you need help with clarity, confidence or anything else!

"Does this teach me how to build a website or build it for me?"  

Yes and no.  

While no, we do not teach you step-by-step every technical piece of building the actual website. We do give you a great beginner lesson. One that is in depth enough that you will be able to decide if website building is for you, or if you should hire out.

We also showcase all of your options for building a website yourself, and highlight our top 3 options in great detail, including suggesting affordable developers. Ultimately you will need to decide if you want to self-build or hire it out. There are pro's and con's to each option, and we will go over these in detail week 1 so that you can make the best decision for you! We also coach you at length on design, set up, and branding. There are a lot of websites out there, we want yours to have impact and we help you to ensure this happens! We have GOT YOU!

"What if I have more questions about the course? How can I contact you?"  

Feel free to shoot us an email


Hey listen!

If you made it this far down this page, it's probably because you're considering enrolling into The Biz Launch. I've created this program because I believe whole heartedly that we are all here to share our voice, passions and unique opinions. 

And we are actually alive in a time that allows us to do this! How amazing is that?!  

And I know whole heartedly that in order to succeed online, we need to know all of these skills. I've taught these skills to literally thousands of entrepeneurs, and I can't wait to also teach YOU!

If you've ever wanted to blog about your passions, run a business from your laptop, or attract new and diverse employment opportunities by professionally showcasing what you do.


Let me you in on a little secret – this is the way the world is moving. Permanently! If you aren’t already online and sharing your biz, blog or brand — you are officially behind.  

And that desire to get online is your intuition letting you know, its time! I’m so super passionate about everyone getting their personal brand, business or blog online immediately!  

You need just a few more reasons why? I've got them!


This might not seem like a huge deal. But I promise you it is. Every time you meet someone, share your business or brand or apply for a job – you better believe you are being searched online. When you have a personal website or blog – that’s what will come up first. It looks professional, impressive and says the message you want to be sharing.  


Meaning: Facebook, Instagram and all other platforms could be shut down tomorrow. Literally. And one day, they will be obsolete. Then where would your people find you? Having your own space online, your own newsletter and creating content on multiple platforms to share, create and sell is the future.  



I’ve been online over 10 years. The second I started doing this whole blogging thing ‘the right way’ (because YES there is a method to the madness!) that is the second I was able to take full advantage of the limitless ways to make an income from my online presence. Today I consistently make thousands a month – from multiple sources and streams. Every single client, opportunity and brand partnership comes straight from (you guessed it!) MY ONLINE PRESENCE.

I hope this sheds a little more light on exactly why you need to be online in a big, beautiful and professional way, ASAP! In my opinion, not being online in today's landscape is just plain craziness. Now it the time! 

Are you ready to launch yet?  

Join before July 27 to get $444 off.
Doors close August 3, 2020.

*By enrolling into the course, you agree to the Standard Terms & Conditions*