Does this sound like you?

✓ I want to work for myself and have limitless avenues of income! ✓ I want to grow my online brand or business and drive traffic to my website! ✓ I've always dreamed of launching a blog, but I have no idea where to start! ✓ I have a blog but I don't have much traffic. I think I'm doing it wrong!  

If you said yes to one or more of these statements THE BLOGGER LAUNCH IS FOR YOU! 



I’m so friggin’ excited you are here!

And since you are - I’m going to go ahead and assume somewhere deep down you’ve always wanted to become a blogger, a known personal brand or run your online business from anywhere in the world. Am I right?!  

  Well, you are not alone.  

  AND HOLD UP! Before your mind starts all that negative internal chatter of all the reasons ‘you can’t’ - I want you to ask that voice to shut it down! Cool? 

Instead, keep reading! First, I share all the reasons why NOT getting online in a big way immediately, could actually be the most detrimental thing you can do for your business, personal brand and employability. 

As someone who has been blogging for over 10 years, trust me when I promise you this: There has never been a better time to grow your business, gain international media, make deals with huge brands and get paid to share your life - all by becoming a blogger!  

The objections you just told your inner mean girl to silence, I already know them. Because I had them, too!

“Blogging is on it’s way out!”  

Wrong. Oh-so-wrong! Please believe me when I say that having a little piece of the internet that shares your personal brand, business or life on the regular IS the way of the future. You know those parents and grandparents who don’t know how to use the computer? That’s going to be anyone in the next generation who doesn’t get online and learn how to build (or at least manage the back end!) of their own website. This is important stuff. Kids will be building their own websites and blogs as a requirement in school, potential employers will be looking for industry leaders online as the traditional 9-5 model falls away, and influencer marketing is a 2 billion dollar industry as of 2018 (and growing!)

So actually, blogging is on it's way IN.

“Everyone is doing it, I’d just be another number!” 

Again, wrong! While yes there are plenty of blogs and online businesses out there — only a very small percentage are building out, creating content and executing the way that allows their business to flourish with multiple streams of income.  

Even if you already have a blog with no traffic (been there!) — I promise you can change that. If you are a business that wants to drive more traffic to your website — we can change that too! And lastly, if you're brand new to blogging — why not build out the right way from the beginning to leave all options on the table for growth, income and opportunity. There is a right way to blog and make a living from it!

“Blogging doesn’t make you any money.”

This might have been true even just 5 short years ago. But today the industry is known! It's also accepted and loved by readers, brands and advertisers across the globe. Did you know that as of 2019 the business of blogging will be a multi-billion dollar industry from multiple sources of income? Now is the time more than ever!  

I’ve been blogging for 10 years. In my early days, it simply drove traffic to my website (which still made me money!). Today though, I consistently make thousands of dollars a month from over 12 different income sources, which all stem from, you guessed it — MY BLOG!

And the number one objection most people have before starting their blog or online brand:  

“Who am I to become a blogger? No one will care!”

Okay, I want to let you know that in the last year I’ve Coached hundreds of women in their blogs and online businesses. You want to know how many of them had this same feeling? Every. Single. One. Of. Them.  

And when I started out - I felt the same. Our ego voice loves to keep us small and tell us why we can’t.  

We’ve all felt the crippling fear around putting ourselves out there to shine. The idea comes to you, the excitement feels like a high, then the fear creeps in, takes you down and life takes over. Does this sound familiar?  

I’m going to tell you the same thing that I’ve told my hundreds of clients who now have successful blogs and businesses online: Our desires are simply our inner guidance showing us what we are meant to do in this world!  

So when you think of it that way — who are we to ignore that?


The Blogger Launch is an 8-week course that gets you online, sharing your gifts in a huge way(and the right way!)  

After a decade of blogging I have perfected the build out, the content development, the brand partnerships, working as a contractor and expert in many fields, national media exposure, and so much more. All of this resulting in making 100% of my living from my blog and online brand! 

But you need to know this: there is a RIGHT WAY to build out and run your blog - (and oh-so-many wrong ways. Trust me, I’ve done them all!)  

In The Blogger Launch I will show you how to build a beautiful and profitable online brand, while also ensuring you to avoid all the mistakes I've made in my many years of blogging! 

I promise you that there has never been a better time in history to build and become an online brand. 

Each module has been carefully crafted to help you launch your blog in the most impactful, inspirational and successful way. You get a carefully curated and easy to follow instructional video, a workbook and homework EVERY WEEK!

And it doesn't end there! All of the hundreds of women I have worked with as a Coach will attest to this: I am a professional cheerleader, accountability partner and I deeply care about your success.  

Because of this, aside from your weekly modules, workbooks and homework - there will also be weekly livestream Q&A sessions hosted by yours truly, so that you can get all your juicy blog-build-out questions answered weekly LIVE, chatting with me directly on video call. Can't make every call? No worries! The calls will be recorded and uploaded to the membership site so that you can watch weekly.  

  • Websites that Rock!
  • Squarespace, Wix and Wordpress - the good, the bad and the techno heavy.
  • Website building 101
  • DIY build or how to hire the right builder
  • Brand Clarity, Website Examples and Mock Ups
  • Do's and Don't's of blog building 
  • SEO 101
  • Layout, page and permanent content clarity and templates
  • Photos, photoshoots, editing software 101
  • Quality content

  • Major Focus on Pillars of your brand - Clarity = Success
  • Goal Setting 
  • Abundance & Mindset Training 
  • Branding and Mood boards
  • Niche Quiz & Clarity Exercise
  • Your Why (and why this is so important in finding success!)
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Blog Title and Identity refinement, even if you already have one!
  • Media Opportunity & Goals 101
  • Everything You need to know about Content Creation 
  • How to Plan Content for your next 6 months
  • Content Calendars - Why it's a Must and How!
  • Design 101 (No graphic designers needed!)
  • Designing on Brand Templates & Graphics
  • Content that Converts!
  • The trick I use to consistently get eyes on my blog week after week!
  • Social Game, Let's go!
  • All my social media rules, tips & tricks
  • Instagram Bio 101
  • Instagram Story Icons - How To
  • Multi-linking from Instagram
  • Which platforms are best for you
  • Breakdown of benefits for all businesses: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Youtube and how to best use for your blog
  • Deeper Dive on Photography
  • Editing Software I Use & How
  • The importance of high quality imaging and content
  • IPhone Food Photography 101
  • The lights, equipment and tools I use 
  • Why excellence is key! 
  • Copy that converts and keeps eyes on your blog
  • How to write the perfect captions to promote your blog posts and brand.
  • List Building 101
  • Mailchimp account set up
  • Why the money is in the mailing list!
  • How to get your first 100 subscribers before the program is over!
  • Building your first freebie or e-book
  • Growing your blog or brand to one that is ready to start making some income!
  • Setting up your first opt-in page, thank you page and mini-funnel
  • Newsletter 101
  • Setting up, designing and sending your first newsletter 
  • Why this module is a MUST for your blog if you want to turn it into your income
  • How to set up your first funnel, tags and campaign
  • Sneak peek into how this is the way all the online world is making BIG money! 
  • The MONEY module!
  • The 7 ways you can make money from your blog right now.
  • How to make your first media & rate card and what to do with it.
  • How to set-up yourself a business (even if it's just a side gig)
  • How I went from $0 to $20K+ a month (all utilizing my website and blog)
  • Blogger study: How the big names are really making their money - and how you can model your business the same way.
  • The TECH BIBLE - everything you need to know about technology platforms and how they can help you at different stages of your business
  • My own personal Media Card Template - Download it and make it yours!
  • Tapping for Abundance
  • Affiliate Programs - How to sell as a partner 
  • Journalling exercise that I do every day

You are seriously learning in 8 weeks what it took me 10 years to master! I'm so excited for you to be BLOWN AWAY from this course and the quality of your new blog. 

Weekly LIVE Q&A calls with Angela to answer anything!

Submit your burning questions and get 1:1 coaching with me weekly! Live on Zoom. I want to get to know you! 

Group Support - Because, we all need a girl gang!

Private members only group that is supportive, helpful, full of girl love - and gets even more eyes on your blog!

The Proven Formula that changed my business and income!

Honestly! 10 years as a blogger and only now am I making thousands per month. I'll show you! 

Life Changing Modules to LAUNCH YOU!

I've poured my soul into this course. I know you will thrive and grow and excel every week. I can't wait or you to see it!



I've coached and worked with hundreds of women in the Blogging and Inflencer industry, here is what a few have had to say:

"Angela is a Godsend. I'm grateful for our work together and I'm so excited to re-launch my blog and website after working with her!"

- Julie Miguel, Former Master Chef Contestant, Blogger and Founder of Daily Tiramisu 

Angela has been my cheerleader, helping me see the possibilities that were right I front of me and opening my eyes to what else is out there. Working with her makes me feel so inspired and energized after. I love how supportive she is and I truly value and appreciate her insight.  

Rachael Hunt – Blogger, Digital Marketing Expert & Gluten Freedon Inc.

"I truly can't say enough about Angela and her coaching! She's helped me gain confidence, get moving on new projects and I've even been able to quit my full-time job! I'm truly grateful to have Angela as my coach and can't wait for what else is so come."

- Becka Crowe, Blogger, Content Creator, Wellness Expert and Founder of Going Grainless 

Angela's knowledge and experience to get my blog off the ground was the building blocks I needed to give myself direction and strategy. Our weekly calls were so full of information and encouraging I always looked forward to them and walked away feeling like I could achieve just about anything. In addition to her business expertise she and I were able to connect on a personal level and trust and respect this girl in all aspects.

- Meredith Wolf, Designer, Blogger and Founder of My Wolf Design 


Let me ask you this...

Did you ever grow up wishing you would one-day find a box of your Grandmother’s old diaries? You know like in movies when there was a secret window seat that suddenly opened or a dusty box in the attic filled with handwritten journals? And when the main character finds it, she gets to read about all the hopes, dreams, romance and life lessons that her Grandmother went through? I literally fantasized about this as a teenager all the time! 

Recently I remembered about this childhood fantasy, and then I realized something... MY BLOG IS MY LEGACY!  

It’s got everything I’d ever want my future generations to know. My passions, my recipes, my most vulnerable stories, the clothing I love to wear, recaps of my travels and parties I’ve thrown, and so much more. Doesn’t that make you want to start a legacy of your own?! YOU SHOULD.  

As someone who has been blogging for over 10 years - I promise you that there has never been a better time in history to become an online brand!  

Aside from leaving a legacy to look back on for generations to come - Here's just a few reasons why:  

1. As of 2018 the blogging industry was (finally!) widely accepted as a source of influential mainstream media. This means old school ways of advertising are on the way out - and creatives, advertisers and marketing agencies now think outside of the traditional box. Influencer marketing is a 2 billion dollar industry and it's not stopping anytime soon.  

2. Bloggers have the audience to SELL. Do you have a product line, dream of creating and e-book or e-course or have a service you offer such as Coaching? Online courses this year alone are a $100 billion dollar industry and growing. I'm going to show you all the ways you can sell from your blog in this course!  

3. People are paying attention now more than ever! I get ALL my inspiration, recipes, DIY and new learnings from reading blogs by others. There is no blog I won't read. If you are sharing info that I want to know about, I'm clicking on it! We are in the information sharing age and blogs are our main media source.  

4. It's seriously so much fun! Life is meant to be fun - it's all about sharing what lights you up and brings you joy. It's so simple yet we make it so complicated. When you share your life, your passion and your business - your people will find you.  

Are you in yet? 


Hi I'm Angela! What started more than 10 years ago as a place to share meal plans, healthy recipes and stories about my life, quickly turned into a community of thousands of women.  

Overtime, my blog evolved from only health and wellness - to becoming my little home on the internet where I could connect with others by sharing things I love and telling stories that became known for their honesty and vulnerability.

Sharing on my website is truly my happy place and something I know I will be committed to doing for the rest of my life! And that is good news, because today my blog in my job, allowing me to work across many industries and many fields as an expert in each one. I make thousands of dollars a month easily, all by using my website as a hub to showcase my brand, talents and interests. 

I've created this course for many reasons. I'll definitely say the number one reason is that I believe from the depths of my soul that an online presence is the way of the future for all of us! I've forever been a rebel against the 9-5 model (it makes no sense to me!) and I believe that this course will help chip away at that old and archaic model by helping my clients position themselves as an industry leader in a field they are actually passionate about! When you are the expert, you get to work on your terms.

I also know how incredible it feels to share my knowledge and passions online with like-minded readers, and I know that every single one of us has a voice and perspective that the world needs. 

Truly, I could go on and on (and I have on this sales page! ha.) - But bottom line, I hope I get the priviliege of working with you, growing with you and Coaching you into your online greatness!

So much love, Angela  


Professional Bio  

Angela is a Blogger, Business Coach & Branding Expert from Toronto, Canada.  

Angela has worked as a consultant and expert in the fields of Business, Marketing and Wellness for over a decade and she contributes all of her success to her blog and online presence. She is also a Lifestyle and Wellness Expert, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Meditation Teacher.  

In her former life she was Nutritionist who built a 6-figure online business, working with over 25,000 women worldwide. She has since gone on to help thousands of entrepreneurs learn, apply and leverage the power of blogging, branding and online marketing in today’s digital landscape. Angela’s lifestyle brand has partnered as an Influencer with major national companies such as Larabar, Hain Celestial, Neo Strata, Shopper’s Drug Mart, and many more. She has appeared in many media outlets including The Todd Shapiro Show, Better Living Television, Inside Fitness Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers, CTV, Slice and The Food Network.  

Angela believe’s that you attract what you put out there — and loves to teach her clients how polishing your personal brand will attract a thriving business with endless avenues for opportunity and income.

"What can I expect from The Blogger Launch?"  

You can expect to finally launch that blog you've always dreamed about. Yes, anyone can put up a DIY website (and yes you will need to do this - or hire someone!) -- and hope for the best! But there is SO much more that goes into blogging, content creation, design, social media, the business side of things, earning an income from your website, the list goes on and on! The high level bloggers I work with all do things in the same way - and this course teaches you that system. You can expect to empower yourself to launch your blog, THE RIGHT WAY. You can expect to learn so much about technology, design, marketing and business that you did not know before. You can expect a high vibe crew of bad ass babes supporting each other. You can expect to share your life and passions with the world and make an impact, because the world needs your voice! 

"When does the course start?"  

Doors Open to register on March 18, 2019. Course Begins On April 1, 2019.  

"Who is this course for?"  

Anyone who wants to launch a blog that creates impact! If you have always dreamed of starting a blog - this program is for you. If you have a blog that has limited to no traffic - this program is for you. If you are business that wants to implement a blog to drive traffic to your site - this program is for you. 

"'I'm worried I won't know what to share! Like, I'll run out of content ideas"  

You won't! I promise. I will teach you my content development system that has NEVER failed me. I'll also really help you hone in on niche and high traffic topics so you feel empowered and motivated to keep on creating forever!  


"Can you guarantee results?"  

This is like asking if I can guarantee you'll do the work. I'm here to guide you, lead you, and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone because I believe everyone should be online and that sharing our passions, and that creativity is medicine for the soul. 

I can promise that previous clients who completed every module, who completed all of the in session questions, completed their homework, who came on every Q&A call (or watched the replays!), who took massive action on what they've learned, and surrendered the rest to the Universe - those clients are in the flow attracting massive abundance and traffic - all from their blogs and websites.

What I will guarantee, is that you will get out this, what you put into it.  


"What if I don't like the course? Do you offer any refunds?"  

Due to the nature of the course, there are typically no refunds. However, I want to offer the best customer service possible to you. So, if within 14 days you return your completed workbooks and homework, to prove that you tried but still do not align with the course - we will refund 75% of your investment.  

"How much direct support can I expect to receive from Angela?"  

There will be weekly LIVE Q&A sessions during the 8 weeks of the program to make sure that all of your burning questions are answered before moving onto the next module! 

"What if I'm not on Facebook? Can I still participate in The Blogger Launch?"  

Absolutely! Modules & Q&A session recordings will be on our membership website for the course. Weekly calls will be on zoom (you will be provided the link to join!) Although we highly recommend at least making an account you can use JUST for The Blogger Launch to get to know the other incredible high vibe babes!  

"What if I don't have the time to take the course right now? "  

No worries! The course is pre-recorded and you have access to all of the modules for the rest of your life. You can join the current round, but officially start the program months from now if that's what you decide! By enrolling into this current round right now, you LOCK IN the program at its current lowest price.  

"Does this teach me how to build a website or build it for me?"  

Yes and no.  

No, we do not teach you step-by-step every technical piece of building the actual website. We do however showcase all of your options for building a website yourself, and highlight our top 3 options in great detail. Ultimately you will need to decide if you want to self-build or hire it out. There are pro's and con's to each option, and we will go over these in detail week 1 so that you can make the best decision for you! We also coach you at length on design, set up, and branding. There are a lot of websites out there, we want yours to have impact and we help you to ensure this happens! We have GOT YOU!

Yes, we do offer a very limited number of packages where our team will build a 4-5 page website for you, including a blog of course! It's $3333 and it includes The Blogger Launch course. The website is Wordpress (what we use!) and the package includes a 1:1 coaching and design session with a member of Angela's team. Keep reading for details on this option below.  

"What if I have more questions about the course? How can I contact you?"  

Feel free to shoot us an email


Yes! For a very limited number of clients we will design a fully functional, easy-to-use, wordpress website for you. This also includes a 1:1 website design and branding consultation with Angela to make sure your vision comes to life! If you aren't tech-savvy and don't yet have a website, we highly recommend this!  

Upon purchase you will receive a Branding Package that will need to be completed ASAP. Within 48 business hours you will be booked in with your design consultation with Angela, sometime in the next 2-4 weeks.

The package is $3333 and includes a 4-5 page website with your blog page included. Lifetime access to The Blogger Launch course is included in this price. This price does not include website hosting (approx $150/year) or the purchase of your domain (approx $15/year). 

While you will start your course on April 1, 2019 with everyone else, your website will not be completed until 2-3 weeks after your design consultation. Typically week 5-6. Don't worry! You won't need your website until this point, it's all about creating content for the site up until this point. So, we've got you covered!

This is an affordable option to have the best website platform in the market without stressing over building it yourself. 

This package is typically $5888 and we are giving our early bird clients $2555 off because we want to provide an easy and affordable option to launch your blog! 

Choose the package you want below (The Blogger Launch + Website), make the purchase and someone from our team will be in touch with everything else you need to know with in 2 business days! Hurry, we are only accepting a limited number of clients at this rate. Don't miss this steal! 


Hey listen!

If you made it this far down this page, it's probably because you're considering enrolling into The Blogger Launch. I've created this program because I believe whole heartedly that we are all here to share our voice, passions and unique opinions. 

And we are actually alive in a time that allows us to do this! How amazing is that?!  

If you've ever wanted to blog about your passions, run a business from your laptop, or attract new and diverse employment opportunities by professionally showcasing what you do.


Let me you in on a little secret – this is the way the world is moving. Permanently! If you aren’t already online and sharing your biz, blog or brand — you are officially behind.  

And that desire to get online is your intuition letting you know, its time! I’m so super passionate about everyone getting their personal brand, business or blog online immediately!  

You need just a few more reasons why? I've got them!


This might not seem like a huge deal. But I promise you it is. Every time you meet someone, share your business or brand or apply for a job – you better believe you are being searched online. When you have a personal website or blog – that’s what will come up first. It looks professional, impressive and says the message you want to be sharing.  


Meaning: Facebook, Instagram and all other platforms could be shut down tomorrow. Literally. And one day, they will be obsolete. Then where would your people find you? Having your own space online to share, create and sell is the future. Social Media is just a beautiful bonus!  


I’ve been a blogger for over 10 years. The second I started doing this whole blogging thing ‘the right way’ (because YES there is a method to the madness!) that is the second I was able to take full advantage of the limitless ways to make an income from my blog. Today I consistently make thousands a month – from multiple sources and streams. Every single client, opportunity and brand partnership comes straight from (you guessed it!) MY BLOG.

I hope this sheds a little more light on exactly why you need to be online in a big, beautiful and professional way, ASAP! In my opinion, not being online in today's landscape is just plain craziness. Now it the time! 

Are you ready to launch yet?  

SORRY! ENROLMENT FOR THE BLOGGER LAUNCH IS NOW CLOSED. But don’t worry! The next round will be opening up again soon. If you know you’re in for the next round of The Blogger Launch and want to make sure you get all the deets of the next launch, put yourself down on the waitlist below.  

*By enrolling into the course, you agree to the Standard Terms & Conditions*